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*sigh* I'm now glad to say that ffvii_scribbles is now OPEN!

Things are not quite done yet, but that's fine. Everything is still quite UNDER CONSTRUCTION. But that doesn't mean I can't post my little Final Fantasy 7 comics now.

Soooo, first off, I wanted to thank all of you who have joined alrady. *hugs tightly*

Seeing as this is basically only the beginning, there's not much here. However, there will be in the future. Expect the FAQ - which will be in the user info - to be put up later. And it would help a bunch if I had some help with the layout and stuff. Maybe I need a co-mod?

Anyway, I hope many of you enjoy the comics. They're just for fun, and something to let your creative side run wild. It can deal with anything, romance, humor, drama etc. Any character, or pairing dealing with FFVII. *smiles* I will be doing lots of them myself, once I get my photoshop fixed.

I hope you enjoy~~~~!

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